Harbour Guide Online – 30 days free trial period

Harbour Guide Online gives you access to all harbours in all guides published by Skagerrak Forlag, currently two for the Mediterranean and nine for Northern Europe. The subscription can be used on all platforms including mobile telephone, tablet and PC/Mac. Subscribe to Harbour Guide online and create your Harbourguide ID now by using the subscription button at the top of the screen. You can download the free app from App Store or Google Play (search for Harbour Guide). Use the same username/password to enter the app.


Harbour Guide online gives you:

  • Access to up-to-date harbour information
  • Advanced search functions
  • Drone videos from harbours
  • Harbour photo zoom
  • Automatic generated translation
  • Free trial subscription (30 days)

The Harbour Guide series is designed and written by experienced sailing boat skippers with sailing experience from all around the world. Harbour Guides are therefore not only written by skippers for skippers, but are also used by our authors and editors when at sea. Our experience is that the Harbour Guide books are the best reference when at sea, and the online service is best as a supplement and a planning tool when at home, at the office or on the train home.

Two subscriptions are available:

  1. Annual,  54 Euro  per year
  2. Monthly,  9 Euro  per month

The subscription can be terminated immediately.

Drone videos are currently available for a few, but constantly increasing number of harbours.

Go to Harbour Guide online/get access.